Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Mobile

Follow What's Changing In Your Deals On Your Mobile Device

Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Mobile delivers critical "What's Changed" data via watch lists to any browser-enabled mobile device. So when you're running through airports you'll have the most up-to-date information on key deals at your fingertips.

Simply create your custom watch list in Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator by checking the deals you want to follow. When you're on the road, simply use your mobile device to log into Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator and check your daily or weekly watch list. If something has changed, it's highlighted on screen. Just drill down and see if the news is red or green. And since you're on your mobile device, you can click on the opportunity owner's name and immediately place a call or send an email.

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With Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Mobile, you'll get the critical information you need - good or bad - anywhere instantly, so you'll have time to take action before it's too late. It may just make the difference between meeting your quarterly number or falling short.

"We could immediately tell that this was not yet another standard reporting system or a general-purpose analytics package, but rather a fully developed solution that directly addresses the biggest challenges that sales executives face in effectively optimizing their opportunity pipeline and their sales team's performance. The purpose of Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator is to actually increase sales, not just to improve reporting."

Jim Dickie
Managing Partner
CSO Insights