Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Reports

The Power of Pipeline Accelerator Delivered Automatically

As sales executives and managers, you are often too busy to manually check on line reports and dashboards, yet you have a critical need to stay on top of your team's performance. Plus, you need to get your hands quickly on relevant pipeline data to run efficient meetings, coach reps, and have a data-driven version of the truth for accurate forecasts.

To solve this challenge, Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Reports delivers complete management dashboards as multi-view, multi-sheet Excel Workbooks. These files are sent as e-mail attachments on a scheduled basis, to keep you informed wherever you are and whenever you need it.

Infinite Reporting Possibilities on "What's Changed"

From pipeline waterfalls to lead stage velocity reports to triangulated forecasting, Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Reports can be easily configured to deliver virtually any report on any data in Salesforce. Then you can deliver these reports automatically via email to your extended team to ensure the right data is shared at the right time with the right people. And when you know what's changed, you can act quickly to take advantage of new opportunities or mitigate risks - before it's too late.

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Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Solution Sets

Based on Cloud9 customer and industry best practices, Cloud9 has developed packaged solutions as Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Solution Sets. These Solution Sets comprise an Excel workbook of all the necessary reports to support a well defined business process, such as weekly sales meeting, forecast meeting, lead velocity assessment, and much more. To get you started, Cloud9 includes the Cloud9 Weekly Solution Set as part of your Cloud9 service; other solution sets are available at additional cost.

Cloud9 Weekly Solution Set -- When you hold your weekly sales meetings, you want to know what's going on in your pipeline. And you want to share that common insight with everyone on your team. With the Cloud9 Weekly Solution Set, everyone has access to a common view of critical pipeline mechanics to make meetings far more efficient. So it's easy to pinpoint new opportunities, what deals have slipped, and what deals have closed since last week. And to get you started, Cloud9 will adapt your Solution Sets to your sales process.

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Custom Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Reports

Even though Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Solution Sets represent the collective best practices of our customers and industry leaders, we know not all businesses have the same sales process. For customers with more specialized needs, Cloud9 offers custom report and dashboard development as a professional service. Many customers have chosen to configure Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Reports to exactly match existing corporate standards for data presentation, analytics, formatting and layout.

Cloud9 Report Accelerator

The Cloud9 Report Accelerator enables all stakeholders to easily share and view reports and dashboards in Salesforce, on the Web and via email. Create, distribute and view reports based on any Salesforce CRM data, including all standard and custom objects. Simplify complex report types: trending, exceptions and benchmarking across the entire customer lifecycle: from sales to marketing, service, and support.

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The Cloud9 Report Accelerator provides a centralized reporting library that simplifies collaboration across the organization. Cloud9 reports are dynamic and personalized by date, user, role and sharing rules. Full Salesforce security policies are always enforced, so there is never a need to create and manage multiple versions of a report to serve different parts of the organization.

"We could immediately tell that this was not yet another standard reporting system or a general-purpose analytics package, but rather a fully developed solution that directly addresses the biggest challenges that sales executives face in effectively optimizing their opportunity pipeline and their sales team's performance. The purpose of Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator is to actually increase sales, not just to improve reporting."

Jim Dickie
Managing Partner
CSO Insights