Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator

CRM systems record and report lots of information about the current state of your pipeline. But what they can’t do is understand the changes, trends, and patterns that you need to understand to uncover and address the risks in your pipeline. Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator, a core component of the Cloud9 Intelligent Forecasting Suite, is purpose-built to give you the actionable information about your pipeline that you need to deliver on your forecast. Pipeline Accelerator makes it possible for you to:

  • See changes: see exactly how your pipeline is changing, from the total pipeline all the way down to individual opportunities.
  • Identify risks: analyze your pipeline data to uncover the opportunities most likely to undermine your forecast.
  • Get actionable information: see information about your pipeline that helps you focus on the right opportunities, make informed decisions, and coach sales teams more effectively.

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See What’s Changed 

CRM systems do not record the history of your data. Even using spreadsheets, it’s difficult to see the critical details of how your current pipeline is changing—for example, if your total pipeline increased or decreased, you need to know the details in order to know whether that means you’re doing the right thing or that you need to do something differently.

Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator provides you a dynamic view into the changes in your opportunity pipeline that are recorded by Cloud9’s unique technology for capturing all historical data. Pipeline Accelerator shows you not only a breakdown of how your total pipeline is changing (whether from new, won, lost, deferred, or adjusted opportunities), it allows you to drill down into a list of the specific opportunities that make up that change with a single click.

With Pipeline Accelerator sales executives, managers, and operations can easily get the information they need about how their pipeline is changing, when they need it—without overwhelming sales operations with requests for custom reports, dashboards, and data processing.

Identify Risks 

You and your sales organization need to quickly determine where to focus and take action, not spend hours every week poring through all the details of all opportunities to figure out what matters. CRM systems are designed to give you access to all of your information, not to determine which parts of that information are most valuable.

Pipeline Accelerator gives you immediate visibility into the opportunities in your pipeline that are the highest risk and insight into why. For instance, it can show you deals that have stalled, have slipped too often, are not matching historical patterns of success, and more. Having that information at your fingertips allows you to focus on what matters—proactively addressing the opportunities at risk of ruining your forecast and causing you to miss your number.

Get Actionable Information 

Your sales organization has access to more data than ever before, to the point where it has become overwhelming. Access to yet another report or dashboard may actually make things worse because simply having access to data doesn’t give you the insight that you need to know what to do.

Pipeline Accelerator helps you to understand your data so that you can make better decisions and proactively take the right actions. It shows you the information about what’s changed and what is most at risk in your pipeline that tells you which opportunities you need to focus on and what risks you need to address. Using analysis of historical data, it can help you to identify patterns of success that you can apply to current opportunities. And it can show you that information in ways that are meaningful to you and your sales teams because it seamlessly supports virtually any kind of sales hierarchy—not only the standard Salesforce role and territory hierarchies but also matrixed management, overlay teams, global account teams, product hierarchies, and custom organizational hierarchies.

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