Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator

Don't Just Monitor Your Pipeline. Actively Manage It.

The Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator is the heart and soul of the Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management Suite. This powerful third-generation, on-demand application accelerates pipeline velocity and reduces risk by helping you effectively balance risks and opportunities, teams, and sales activities. The result? Simply higher win rates. Better forecast accuracy. And improved CRM adoption. That's powerful.

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Powerful Change Analytics

With the Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator, sales managers gain complete pipeline visibility, anytime and anywhere - including critical, real-time "what's changed" information. By employing Cloud9's patented Change Analytics engine, the Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator reveals data that simply isn't viewable in Salesforce. And what you can't see, you can't proactively manage.

Facilitating the concept of "dynamic pipeline management", the Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator automatically adjusts to any reorganization or reassignment and provides the insight you need to react quickly to changing conditions in the pipeline to optimize performance.

What's the big diff?

The big difference is in the time-based difference between pipeline states. Salesforce reports just show a start and end state but there's a lot of movement you can't see if you can't compare where your pipeline was last week to where it is today. The resulting insights in new opportunities, slipped deals, and closed/won and closed/lost deals provide sales leaders with the exact information they need to take proactive steps - before the quarter ends.

Uncover Trends - Compare current forecast and pipeline realities to any other date in time and analyze by week, month or quarter.

Detect and Correct - Quickly find and resolve issues proactively, and coach your team to better performance in real time.

Prioritize Activities - Prioritize sales efforts and optimize resources by focusing only on what's changed in the pipeline.

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Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Delivers

"What's Changed" Insight

  • Prioritize opportunities based on significant changes.
  • Instantly track by amount, close date, probability and stage.
  • Drill through to Salesforce opportunity pages.

Team Performance Views

  • Display team performance at all levels of the organization.
  • Track individual performance by forecast, pipeline, won deals and quota.
  • Drillable organizational views.

Best Practices Sharing

  • Connects sales reps working on similar deals.
  • Search and sort for reference deals by global accounts, competitor, product, etc.
  • Embedded into Salesforce opportunity pages.

Dynamic Pipeline Views with User-Controlled Time Filters

  • View your pipeline by organizational structure, time periods (month, quarter, year), accounts, products, channel, region or any other relevant perspective - all with a click of the mouse.
  • Instantly reconstruct your pipeline for any point in time.
  • Easily benchmark current performance across trailing, interval or like-period historical performance.

Watchlist Tracking with Mobile Alerts

  • Create a watchlist to track important deals.
  • "What's Changed" report for watchlist deals sent directly to your mobile device anytime, anywhere.
  • Real-time identification and resolution of issues for key deals.

Custom Tabs for Viewing Performance

  • Analyze different aspects of the pipeline with customized windows into Pipeline Accelerator data.
  • Quickly compare and analyze pipeline performance from different regions, or compare forecast numbers with current pipeline data.
  • Save tabs for quick reference and comparison.

Export to Excel

  • Export any tab view into Excel for printing or embedding into presentations.
  • Save time prepping for sales meetings.

"We could immediately tell that this was not yet another standard reporting system or a general-purpose analytics package, but rather a fully developed solution that directly addresses the biggest challenges that sales executives face in effectively optimizing their opportunity pipeline and their sales team's performance. The purpose of Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator is to actually increase sales, not just to improve reporting."

Jim Dickie
Managing Partner
CSO Insights