Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management Suite

Introducing the Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management Suite - everything sales leaders need to instantly access opportunity changes, pipeline trends, and sales rep performance.

So your pipeline grew by $400,000 from one week to the next. In Salesforce, you can easily see that. What you can't easily see is how your pipeline has changed. But the Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management Suite can. With just a couple of clicks, you can see what deals you won, lost, closed, or added to your pipeline. Even deals that slipped. And when you know what's changed, that knowledge changes everything.

It's All About What's Changed

The Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management Suite delivers everything sales leaders need to become "dynamic pipeline management" experts, including applications, report automation, and pipeline management best practices to complete sales pipeline visibility anytime, anywhere - including critical, real-time "what's changed" information.

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Designed for Salesforce users, the suite's role-based approach delivers actionable views on historical trends, future projections, and up-to-the-minute "what's changed" calculations directly to the sales team in just the format they need to effectively do their jobs. The Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management Suite includes:

Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator - A comprehensive pipeline management application delivered over the Internet as a service that enables sales managers to really understand what is changing in their pipeline.

Cloud9 Messenger Service - A comprehensive report and dashboard delivery service, putting critical pipeline analytics in the hands of all key stakeholders - automatically.

Cloud9 Solution Sets - Pre-built Excel workbooks for Weekly Sales Meetings and Monthly Forecast Assessments that show changes in pipeline as well as trending analysis, automatically delivered by Cloud9 Messenger.

Cloud9 Report Accelerator - A powerful Web-based report and dashboard manager for sharing and viewing reports and dashboards on the Web, in Salesforce, and via email.

Pipeline Management Best Practices, Your Way

You've already configured your Salesforce experience to support your sales process. Cloud9 builds upon that effort to provide real-time views and understanding of your team's progress, giving you a comprehensive picture of what to improve and how. Incorporating information best practices - including what data to collect and how to measure performance - the Dynamic Pipeline Management Suite delivers comprehensive visibility into your entire sales organization.

End-to-End Pipeline Visibility Any Time, Any Place

No matter where you are, Cloud9 works for you to detect changing conditions in your sales pipeline. Cloud9's applications are available directly on the Web, within your Salesforce desktop experience, as scheduled reports delivered via e-mail or as real-time "what's changed" and exception reports sent to your mobile phone.

Powerful, Yet Easy to Use

The Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management Suite applies advanced Web technology to deliver a desktop application experience. Cloud9's applications are embedded directly into your existing Salesforce pages and deliver value within the context of your existing workflow with no additional user training required.

Immediate Time-to-Value

Powered by the industry's first truly on-demand analytics platform, the Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management Suite starts delivering value within 24 hours, yet requires zero installation, zero maintenance and zero IT support.

Drive CRM User Adoption

Overcome the CRM adoption hurdle. The Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management Suite's unique on-demand approach is the simplest and most effective way to get actionable information out of your Salesforce application. The Cloud9 Pipeline Management Suite drives greater CRM user adoption and improves team performance by increasing the value of information delivered to sales managers, sales operations and sales reps.