Cloud9 Reporting and Dashboard Suite

Introducing the Cloud9 Reporting and Dashboard Suite - everything the extended sales team needs to have a unified view of the entire pipeline.

OK. So now you know what's going on in your pipeline, thanks to the Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management Suite. Now your next question should be, "How do I share this insight with everyone who needs to know?" The answer to that question is simple: The Cloud9 Reporting and Dashboard Suite.

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The Cloud9 Reporting and Dashboard Suite contains everything you need to cost-effectively share pipeline insights across the extended team. Using the Cloud9 Messenger service and Cloud9 Solution Sets, you can create a comprehensive workbook of reports and dashboards for automatic distribution. So the right people get a unified view of the pipeline at the right time. The Cloud9 Reporting and Dashboard Suite includes:

Cloud9 Messenger Service - A comprehensive report and dashboard delivery service, putting critical pipeline analytics in the hands of all key stakeholders - automatically.

Cloud9 Solution Sets - Pre-built Excel workbooks for Weekly Sales Meetings and Monthly Forecast Assessments that show changes in pipeline as well as trending analysis, automatically delivered by Cloud9 Messenger.

Cloud9 Report Accelerator - A powerful Web-based report and dashboard manager for sharing and viewing reports and dashboards on the Web, in Salesforce, and via email.

Dynamic Pipeline Management Is For Everyone

Cloud9 customers have found that not just sales teams can benefit from the Cloud9 Reporting and Dashboard Suite. How about that campaign manager in Marketing who wants to see how lead quality and conversion is playing out over the pipeline? Or the inventory planning manager in manufacturing who wants to see if there are bulges coming her way in the pipeline?

The fact is, knowing what is in - and especially what's changing - in your pipeline is critical business knowledge that transcends the borders of sales. Cloud9 customers are constantly inventing new ways to share this information and we bring those ideas to your table every day.