Cloud9 Reporting Suite

Simplify management reporting with an on-demand CRM data warehouse and easy-to-use tools

Get the right information to the right users easily with the Cloud9 Reporting Suite. It's like adding a time dimension to Salesforce.

  • Extend Salesforce with an on-demand CRM data warehouse that captures all data, including custom objects and fields
  • Create and distribute reports online or to Excel
  • Uncover trends, comparisons, exceptions and other high-value information with built-in functions
  • Cloud9's Reporting Suite is the most powerful on-demand reporting solution, offering simple reporting controls that allow you to automatically distribute dynamically updated reports, by either role or user, to anyone in your company, without IT involvement.

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    On-demand Reporting: Enterprise Power, Salesforce Easy

    Robust Reporting Solution for Salesforce

    • Visual report design in familiar MS Excel
    • Unified Report Library simplifies management and sharing
    • View reports anywhere: in Salesforce, on the Web, via email

    Easy to Configure, Easy to Deploy

    • Deliver immediate value
    • No IT involvement required
    • Leverage existing skills and tools for report designers and consumers: MS Excel, Salesforce, e-mail, etc.

    Add Powerful Time-based Analytics to Salesforce

    • Dedicated on-demand CRM data warehouse
    • Full schema, including custom objects and fields
    • Full history with daily refresh

    Dynamic Reports Personalize Automatically

    • Simplify report design
    • Each role and user sees only the appropriate report data based on established Salesforce security
    • Define reports that are relative to the current date and period

    Robust Control and Security

    • Centralize report administration
    • One-click sharing by role and user
    • Leverage and fully enforce existing Salesforce security policies