Sales Analytics

Bringing big data analytics to the sales domain

Cloud9’s forecasting solution … will enable us to move off of time-consuming spreadsheets to a standardized and simplified forecasting process. But even more importantly, it will help our sales managers improve results.

Thomas Eggemeier

Get a single-page analytical view of your business

Leverage a single-page, global view of sales performance, eliminating the need to manage hundreds of individual sales reports and dashboards. Pre-configured solution templates capture best practice business segmentation and metrics, automatically highlighting critical exceptions, performance gaps and bottlenecks. Effortlessly move between summary and detail views with single-click intelligent drill down.


Your virtual analyst-in-a-box

Cloud9 Sales Analytics brings powerful self service capabilities to sales reps, managers, and executives. It’s as if every sales team had their very own analyst, allowing them to easily assess risk and optimize sales performance by leveraging patterns, trends and exceptions in sales data.


Advanced sales analytics engine

Cloud9 provides advanced analytics capabilities, including unlimited dimensions and hierarchies, rollups, judgments, overrides, trends, projections, revenue recognition schedules, multi-currencies, and a unique big data analytics capability called Change Analysis. Configure the analytic engine to address your biggest visibility and performance challenges. Both pre-defined templates and custom analytical solutions are available.


See what’s changing, and why

To properly understand the key factors affecting your business performance, you need to stay alerted to what’s changing. Cloud9 brings big data analytics to the sales domain, providing revolutionary intelligent Change Analysis that shows easy-to-understand categories of movement, exceptions and variance to goals and powerful comparison benchmarking. In addition, the key deal watch list and notification service automatically keeps sales teams informed of important changes.


Develop “what-if” scenarios

The analytics engine integrates easily with your existing tools such as Excel to develop convenient “what-if” scenarios for better pipeline insight and analysis. See how your estimates can change based on deal-by-deal variations in your pipeline, and weigh your options early in the sales cycle to allow reps and managers to identify risky deals and take corrective action before it’s too late to recover.


Generate flexible analytical views for actionable intelligence

Granular analytics let you take a point in time, hierarchy, or other filter from a report and vary it any way you want it. Analytics tables give you flexibility to manipulate and illustrate sales data, supporting zoom up and down to the level of detail, as well as multiple hierarchical views of the business, including role, territory, product, account, and bookings vs. revenue. Apply free-form data exploration, surface exceptions, and benchmarking to monitor risk and turn raw data into actionable sales intelligence.


Arm yourself to coach more effectively

Detailed analysis of historical rep performance, activities and discounting patterns arm you with real data to coach more effectively. Audit your sales process and adoption, rank sales rep performance by product or competitor, and uncover what makes the best reps successful. With Cloud9 you can create an individualized development plan and train on personalized best practices to optimize future performance and get new sales reps ramped up more quickly.