Sales Forecasting

Forecast more accurately to grow your top line

Forecasting is our navigation system
for the future–it's an investment.

Brian Frank,
Head of Global Sales Operations

Turn forecasting into a valued sales discipline

Transform your forecasting from a once-a-quarter chore into a weekly or monthly discipline that drives better organizational performance. You’ll see clearly where you are headed, where the risks are, and where individual performance is falling short of expectations. Avoid the traps of a “measure and punish” culture by leveraging early warning “detect and correct” analytics to drive team performance and success.


Cloud9 runs the forecasting process for you, automatically

Replace the guesswork, errors and labor of manual sales forecasts with a data-driven forecasting solution from Cloud9. Accurately forecast any set of measurements, including bookings, revenue, products, accounts, or any other dimension. Cloud9 Forecasting automatically provides a real-time view of your pipeline, collects judgment data from your whole team and projects likely outcomes. Cloud9’s intelligent forecasting engine both manages the mechanics of your forecasting cycle and rolls it up into a rich set of forecasts, reports and analyses.


Manage risk to drive performance

Only Cloud9 lets you instantly see the detail of what’s moving in or out of your pipeline and measures individual deal progression to make sure forecasted deals are on a successful trajectory. Cloud9 Forecasting automatically integrates historical patterns of success, real-time pipeline movement and change analysis to help teams better understand pipeline health and forecast status. By actively managing risk, Cloud9 customers can focus on the most promising opportunities, set more aggressive targets and hit them with greater accuracy.


Build and automate a flexible forecasting structure

Create any number of organizational hierarchies, including Role, Territory, Product, and much more – and role them up automatically. Assemble any combination of calendar, fiscal and rolling periods, and nested periods. Show custom calendar views by currency, date, and region. Generate any set of forecasting categories, including commit, best case, upside and unlimited custom forecast categories. Get native support for pre-defined business rules and structures such as matrix and overlay organizations, recognition periods and timelines, and quota credit splits and shares. Cloud9 also supports direct, tiered and channel distribution models.


Make it easy on your reps – and give them more time to sell

Cloud9 automatically captures all sales data and shows each rep their pipeline information – and only theirs. Reps see the same risk factors their managers see, so they can adjust their forecast to reflect reality even before manager intervention. Reps enter personal judgments with simple comments to communicate color on their commitments. No need for reps to run CRM reports, compile spreadsheets or waste time on useless administration.


Build a knowledge base to monitor performance

Cloud9 gives you a built-in knowledge base perfectly tailored to your organization. Unlike other canned sales methodologies, your knowledge base is built from the real historical behavior of your sales teams. Leverage that data to influence current deal decision making, enabling you to avoid patterns of failure and reinforce past patterns of success.