Sales Reports and Dashboards

Any report, any dashboard - automated

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Brian Frank,
Head of Global Sales Operations

Generate any report or dashboard – scheduled or on demand

Simplify the process of delivering the right information to your sales team. Either scheduled and delivered automatically, or accessed on-line, Cloud9’s Sales Reports and Dashboards delivers a broad range of sales reports – even those reports you can’t get from your CRM system.


Leverage pre-defined and customized sales reports

Start with a comprehensive library of pre-defined reports and templates so there’s no need to start from scratch every time. And, if you’re hitting the wall with reports, leverage Cloud9 to create any type of customized sales report and dashboard – automatically. Distribute reports and dashboards to bring unified sales intelligence and keep all of your stakeholders aligned.


Get automated data warehousing of all sales data

Cloud9 pulls all of your sales data from your CRM, financial, incentive compensation, or any other data source and manages it in a single data warehouse. Get full historical and operational reporting with daily (or more frequent) refreshes and snapshots. Speed deployment and user adoption by leveraging all configurations of your CRM system automatically, including custom tables, fields and objects, users, groups and roles, security policies, hierarchies, fiscal calendars, multiple currencies and much more. Provide analysts with visual SQL query access to the full data warehouse schema for custom analytics and data mining.


View reports in any format

Format and share your sales reports and dashboards any way you need them – in Excel, PDF, via email or online. Cloud9 makes it easy to leverage your existing investment and experience with Excel, then automatically generate and distribute reports via email or an online experience while preserving your custom models and designs.


Unlimited custom layouts and design

Cloud9 gives you simple but powerful design capabilities including a rich component library and rule-based formatting, so you can easily feature tables, charts, pivot tables, and custom formulas and graphics in your sales reports and dashboards. Single and multi-page dashboard reports give you unlimited custom layout possibilities. Choose from a gallery of professionally designed themes or customize the look and feel with familiar office-style formatting tools.


Visualization of historical and operational data

Bring information to life and make it actionable for business with vivid data visualization. Use any visualization type, including column, line, pie, bar, area, scatter, contour, doughnut, bubble, radar, even embedded sparclines – all in 2D or 3D. Illustrate history, trends, and patterns of success and failure to your sales teams to drive performance at every level of the organization.


Provide controlled, secure access to sales intelligence

Cloud9 gives administrators fine-grain control over security and sharing of sales reports and dashboards, providing regulated, auditable cross-functional access for anyone in the organization. Leverage powerful subscription management capabilities for unlimited reports, users, and schedules, and automatically monitor report availability and adoption patterns. Unlike other business intelligence solutions, the Cloud9 system enforces all security policies you’ve already created in your CRM system, including roles and profiles.