Cloud9 Solution Sets

Best Practice-Based Insight - Automatically Delivered

How do your weekly sales meetings normally run? Do they normally run over? Do you spend all your time asking where deals are rather than what to do with them? If so, the same thing probably goes on at your monthly forecast assessments. Sales managers plan their activities around a calendar of events - weekly, monthly, quarterly - so Cloud9 developed Cloud9 Solution Sets. To keep you organized, to keep you focused, and to keep you winning deals.

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Cloud9 Solution Sets comprise an Excel workbook of all the necessary reports to run your weekly sales meeting or monthly forecast assessment. Based on Cloud9 customer and industry best practices, Cloud9 Solution sets provide a comprehensive, easy-to-understand roadmap to sales success. As part of the Cloud9 Solution Set service, Cloud9 will adapt your Solution Sets to your sales process. And best of all, they are securely and automatically delivered by the Cloud9 Messenger service automated so they arrive in everyone's inbox the night before the meeting.

The Cloud9 Weekly Solution Set

When you hold your weekly sales meetings, you want to know what's going on in your pipeline. And while you can use Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator for investigative discovery, you want to share that data with the entire team. The Cloud9 Weekly Solution Set is built like a pyramid, with a pipeline summary at the top while each subsequent report reveals increasing detail of underlying data. So it's easy to pinpoint new opportunities, what deals have slipped, and what deals have closed since last week.

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The Cloud 9 Weekly Solution Set includes:

  • Pipeline Summary
  • Top 20 Deals
  • Top New Deals
  • Top Closed/Won Deals
  • Top Lost Deals
  • Top Advanced Deals
  • Top Deferred Deals
  • Trends

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The Cloud9 Monthly Solution Set

When you look at the monthly forecast, you're probably less concerned about individual deals as you are about trends. How did we do in the Western region last quarter? How did products do against services last year and where are we now? Most of the questions you'll have are around trending and comparisons. The Cloud9 Monthly Forecast Assessment Solution Set is designed to provide more analytical and trending insight to help you make better, more informed forecasting decisions.

The Cloud9 Monthly Solution Set Includes:

  • Performance v. Actual
  • Pipeline Growth
  • Pipeline Velocity
  • Team Effectiveness

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Custom Solution Sets

Even though Cloud9 Solution Sets represent the collective best practices of our customers and industry leaders, we know not all businesses have the same sales process. So Cloud9 offers custom Solution Sets to meet your specific requirements. Custom Solution Sets are delivered automatically to all designated stakeholders and provide the same powerful pipeline insight as standard Solution Sets.

Put the Power of Change Analytics to Work For You

Cloud9 Solution Sets are based on Cloud9's patented Change Analytics engine that reveals pipeline movement just not possible in Salesforce alone. Sales leaders can run their weekly and monthly meetings effectively by having the insight they need to proactively focus on new opportunities and risks - before it's too late.