We have been utilizing Salesforce.com for nine years, which has a lot of great data in it, but Cloud9 gives us more visibility into the pipeline.

Irene Von Toussaint,
Vice President of Operations

Data Integration

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True forecasting and pipeline management solutions need to bring together data from multiple sources—not only CRM data but also bookings data from ERP systems, quota information, and compensation plans, some of which may only be available in spreadsheets.

Cloud9 incorporates innovative technologies that make it easy to bring together and leverage data from multiple sources. Using Cloud9, you can see not only what your current pipeline looks like, but can compare that to quotas, reconcile CRM data with bookings data in your ERP system, or incorporate compensation plans.

Cloud9 versioned replication ensures that data is efficiently and reliably incorporated into the Cloud9 smart data repository.  Cloud9’s replication service automatically examines source systems, efficiently replicating only the changes in metadata and data for tracking in the Cloud9 data repository.  A sophisticated set of recovery and cleansing algorithms are employed to adapt in real time to anomalies, post-processing data to ensure the integrity of the data that is integrated into the Cloud9 data repository.

The Cloud9 data repository makes the full history of data and its changes available for access and analysis by all applications running on the Cloud9 technology platform, not only the packaged applications provided as part of the Cloud9 Intelligent Forecasting Suite, but also applications written by sales analysts using the Cloud9 Analyst Toolkit.