Calculate Your ROI On Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator

Cloud9 has created an easy-to-use ROI calculator tool so you can quickly and easily see how fast you can expect payback on your investment in Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator. Simply fill out a few fields or use the slider controls to enter key information, and then see the results – instantly.

And once you see how quickly you’ll get a return on Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator, request your personalized demo. Or find out about our regularly scheduled group demos. If you can’t wait to see how Cloud9 can help you boost forecast close rates and boost CRM adoption, call 1-650-561-7855 and ask to speak to a Cloud9 pipeline expert.

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  • "Given today’s 44% win rate among global sales organizations, the cost of doing nothing for pipeline management and improving forecast close rates is prohibitive."
  • Jim Dickie
  • Managing Partner
  • CSO Insights
  • "Cloud9 saved Brainshark $250,000 annually by returning selling time back to the team and that equates to a payback in 2-3 weeks."
  • Dave Fitzgerald
  • Executive Vice President
  • Brainshark