We have been utilizing Salesforce.com for nine years, which has a lot of great data in it, but Cloud9 gives us more visibility into the pipeline.

Irene Von Toussaint,
Vice President of Operations

Forecasting & Pipeline Management Whitepapers

  • In this latest annual study, CSO Insights surveyed over 625 companies to assess the challenges facing the individuals leading sales teams, understand why these problems exist, and identify the best ways to invest in increasing the effectiveness of sales management groups. Download and read this report to review the top sales effectiveness initiatives and get recommendations for how to effectively achieve those objectives.

  • Learn how Intelligent Forecasting – technology that extends the Salesforce platform with a new breed of business intelligence capabilities – is transforming modern enterprise sales organizations.

  • From their decade of benchmark research into sales departments and processes, Ventana Research has identified five best practices that can help analytics users increase efficiency and revenue potential.

  • The Smart Selling Tools Scorecard outlines how you rate in delivering what you forecast. Research shows that if you’re like most companies, at least half of what you forecast does not close. The good news is that you can do something to change that. Download the scorecard to get started.

  • Ventana Research has been studying what companies are doing to improve sales performance since 2008. Read this executive summary to see what their latest research found about what capabilities and tools organizations are implementing to drive improvements in sales results.

  • If you’re relying on traditional tactics to increase revenue, you’re probably missing the best ways to improve results. Read what Beagle Research has to say about how to use your data to help your sales teams deliver more revenue.

  • CSO Insights research indicates that although sales organizations may be working harder, their ability to close what they forecast is getting worse.  Hear their findings on what sales management must do to win more of the opportunities in their forecast.

  • Smart Selling Tools explains what you need to do to get the understanding of your forecast and pipeline that you need to reduce risk, manage reps more effectively, and increase win rates.

  • Beagle Research discusses how information about history can help sales organizations consistently increase win rates.

  • Learn about how a new class of performance management applications is uncovering risks that CRM systems simply can’t show in this whitepaper from Denis Pombriant of Beagle Research.

  • CSO Insights shares guidance for navigating the sales pipeline and forecast management dilemma, hiring the right sales managers, and training sales managers effectively based on their survey of over 600 organizations.