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Sales Force Management

Your CRM system was set up to help you perform sales force management – or was it? At Cloud9 Analytics, we’ve met with many sales executives, and discussed what their sales force management needs are – and how their current CRM system falls woefully short.

Are your needs being met?

Does your CRM system actively help you monitor the status of your top accounts, emailing you about what’s changed and when for each account?

Are your sales force management techniques supported by the ability to review the history of each account and each of your employees so that you can compare performance projections and look for ways to improve?

Does your CRM system let you search for similar accounts so that your sales reps can look for patterns and gather useful information?

Does your CRM system support your sales force management by giving you personalized analysis and insights to help you make decisions?

The new on-demand software architectures available today enable an entirely new generation of analytics functions to be enabled as a service to help you perform better sales force management.

Discover Cloud9 Analytics applications, and find a solution to better support your sales force management.

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