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Sales Lead Management

Sales lead management is a particularly difficult job for sales managers who manage complex selling cycles or high-volume product lines.  As the first stage of pipeline management, sales lead management is widely accepted as essential to successful selling teams. But pipeline management can quickly become a long and rocky road if you fall behind in the timeliness and/or quality of sales lead management. Small errors multiply, and mistakes at the lead stage can make all of your future numbers go out the window. 

The question is:  How can you maintain good sales lead management while also moving the rest of your pipeline along? lays a strong foundation for both sales lead management and managing your pipeline with an on-demand approach to CRM. Cloud9 Analytics extends and improves upon these basic pipeline and sales lead management capabilities by letting you closely track both your lead and opportunity performance. Cloud9 also helps you prioritize “next steps” to accelerate those leads and opportunities most likely to end in a “win.” More than just a pipeline and sales lead management tool, the Cloud9 Analytics solution is part of an entire pipeline performance service to help you accelerate your team's productivity by measuring and prioritizing your pipeline efforts.

Want to know what’s changed and what hasn’t for each of your top accounts in addition to standard sales lead management?  Cloud9 Analytics can email it to you. Want to know what progress has been made in each of your top accounts?  The information appears automatically in your Salesforce screen. And want to track the history of each of your sales people in addition to sales lead management? 

Welcome to Cloud9analytics.  Your inside edge for pipeline acceleration.

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