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Salesforce has revolutionized the type of sales solutions available to sales teams.  No longer are powerful, customized solutions only for “the big guys” who have an extra $100K, an empty data warehouse and a spare six months available. Now Salesforce solutions are affordable, achievable and available.

Cloud9 Analytics is proud to extend the Salesforce solution with its unique, on-demand analytics and analytics-based functions that enable and empower users.

Cloud9 Messenger brings your Salesforce data directly to you. Emails tell you exactly what’s changed in your most important deals.

Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator gives you powerful analytics right in your Salesforce dashboard with your current workflow. Automatically calculates pipeline coverage.

You don’t have to call IT. You don’t have to deal with algorithms. Just start using it with your Salesforce application.

Turn your “B” reps into “A” reps by prioritizing sales opportunities and connecting reps working on similar deals. Take advantage of your Salesforce historical data to analyze your department’s performance and patterns of behavior, and find out how you can sell more.

Power-charge your Salesforce solution with Cloud9 Analytics today!

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