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As a sales manager, you’ve tried many sales force management solutions through the years. You’ve installed contact management software, business intelligence software, sales force automation software and sales lead management software. You’ve even had your sales force take customer relationship management and sales performance training. Yet despite all this, you’re still wasting your time on Excel spreadsheets, trying to second-guess forecasts and working to pin down your sales reps on their often-moving projections.

Is there a better sales force management solution?

Cloud9 Analytics offers the next generation of business management software. Our on-demand analytics programs sit on top of your existing solution, appear right in your dashboards and help you perform. They’re smart, nearly invisible and let you make the most of your greatest advantage: your own performance data and history.

With Cloud9 Analytics, you can:

  • Accelerate sales cycles,
  • Uncover new revenue opportunities,
  • Promote team selling, and
  • Improve revenue predictability.

You can also have changes in the current opportunity pipeline emailed directly to you, wherever you are, for hands-on tracking of your most important deals.

Take advantage of the next generation sales management solution. From Cloud9 Analytics.

Learn from the Past. Predict the future.

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