Cloud9’s forecasting solution … will enable us to move off of time-consuming spreadsheets to a standardized and simplified forecasting process. But even more importantly, it will help our sales managers improve results.

Thomas Eggemeier

Cloud9 Solutions

Intelligent Sales Forecasting and Pipeline Management

Anyone asked lately whether you’ll make your number this quarter? In spite of being deluged with data and reports, most sales organizations still struggle to understand and manage the risk in their pipeline, resulting in missed targets and meaningless forecasts. The problem isn’t lack of data, the problem is lack of actionable information. Without that, you can’t know which opportunities are at risk and how to minimize that risk.

Cloud9 intelligent forecasting solutions give you the actionable information you need to see and manage the risk in your forecast and pipeline. The result:

  • Reduced risk: richer and more meaningful visibility into the sales pipeline helps you identify and address risks, increasing forecast accuracy.
  • Higher win rates: better visibility into changes in the pipeline and forecast helps your sales organization proactively address risks before they result in lost opportunities.
  • More accurate forecasts: actionable insight into changes and trends improves forecasting process and increases win rates.

Top Problems in Forecast and Pipeline Management

You can’t manage to your forecast if you don’t address the problems that keep you from understanding your pipeline. Learn more in The Top 3 Forecast and Pipeline Management Problems to Tackle in 2012.

Solutions for Sales Professionals

  • Getting your sales organization to perform at its potential requires getting actionable information to the right people throughout the organization at the right time. Learn more about how Cloud9 helps key people in your sales organization:

Solutions for Sales Challenges

  • Cloud9 helps sales organizations address critical challenges that keep them from consistently meeting and exceeding their goals:

    • Poor forecast accuracy
    • Pipeline risk
    • Sales coaching
    • Pipeline visibility
    • Spreadsheet limitations

    Learn how Cloud9 helps to solve these and other problems.