IT Professionals

As an IT professional, you have more important things to do than fielding questions from business users about how to install software, how it works and why it's not functioning the way they think it's supposed to.

You'd like to have software solutions that integrate easily with your existing CRM environment and do away with the need for additional installation, maintenance or training tasks. And you want these solutions to ensure reliability and cutting-edge performance while making sure your company's sensitive information remains safe.

For IT professionals who are cost-conscious, want freedom from installation, maintenance and training overhead and need to ensure the highest levels of security, Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management solutions can:

  • Free up IT resources: Integrate performance management with existing IT desktop application standards to ensure zero installation, zero maintenance and zero training responsibilities on your part.
  • Protect user data: Cloud9 implements a "shared nothing" infrastructure that goes beyond typical on-demand security architectures and provides a dedicated partition so that your data and metadata are never comingled with other customers'.
  • Guarantee security: Ensure that your business users benefit from the highest levels of security with applications that never provide a "back door" to data. Cloud9 employs secure datacenters with robust physical access controls, 24x7 intrusion detection, monitoring systems and dedicated response teams.
  • Deliver immediate value at low cost: Because Cloud9's Dynamic Pipeline Management solutions are delivered as a service over the Internet, you'll realize value in just 24 hours. Cloud9's Dynamic Pipeline Management solutions are affordable for businesses of all sizes and won't strap your IT budget.