Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Suite

So your pipeline grew by $400,000 from one week to the next. In your CRM system, you can easily see that. What you can’t easily see is how your pipeline has changed. But the Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Suite can. With just a couple of clicks, you can see what deals you won, lost, closed, or added to your pipeline. Even deals that slipped. And when you know what’s changed, that knowledge changes everything.
View a large screen shot of the Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Suite

Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Suite Benefits

  • Improves forecast accuracy and predictability
  • Increases win rates
  • Boosts CRM adoption

It’s All About What’s Changed

The Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Suite delivers everything sales leaders need to become “dynamic pipeline management” experts, including applications, mobile solutions, and pipeline management best practices for complete sales pipeline visibility anytime, anywhere - including critical, real-time “what’s changed” information. So you can:
  • Improve forecast accuracy and predictability
  • Increase win rates
  • Boost CRM adoption
The Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Suite’s role-based approach delivers actionable views on historical trends, future projections, and up-to-the-minute “What’s Changed” calculations directly to the sales team in just the format they need to effectively do their jobs. The Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Suite includes: Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Enterprise - A comprehensive pipeline management application delivered over the Internet that supports complex sales organizations and integrates goals and bookings for enterprise-class revenue performance management capabilities. Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Standard - Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Standard provides a complete pipeline management solution designed for organizations with smaller sales teams. Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Mobile - Provides mobile watch lists on any browser-enabled device so you can keep track of what’s changed on key deals, plus real-time pipeline reconciliation for iPhone and iPad.

Fully Integrated with CRM Systems for Rapid Time to Value

The Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Suite is fully integrated into your CRM system and automatically inherits its hierarchy, security and administrative settings.. So deployment can take literally 24 hours. Unlike Business Intelligence (BI) tools and platforms, there is no need to define security models, or such tedious administration as security or fiscal year settings.