Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Enterprise

Enterprise-Class Pipeline Management

The larger the enterprise, the more complex the sales organization. And the more complex the sales organization, the more sales managers need powerful revenue performance management capabilities to manage their pipeline and their teams. Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Enterprise* brings pipeline data together with goals and actuals from corporate systems to provide a unified view of sales team performance.
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Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Enterprise Benefits

  • Increases forecast accuracy
  • Helps sales managers visualize pipeline changes
  • Unifies pipeline, bookings, and goals
  • Supports complex enterprise sales organizations
  • Improves team performance

Finally See What’s Changing In Your Pipeline

With Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Enterprise, sales managers gain complete pipeline visibility, anytime and anywhere - including critical, real-time “what’s changed” information. By employing Cloud9′s patent-pending Change Analytics engine, Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Enterprise reveals data that simply isn’t viewable in CRM systems. And what you can’t see, you can’t proactively manage.

Drillable Pipeline Movement Chart

Historically, sales managers have been frustrated because CRM systems don’t let them see what’s changed in their deals over time. CRM reports just show a start and an end state, but there’s a lot of movement you can’t see if you can’t compare where your pipeline was last week to where it is today. With Cloud9, however, the drillable pipeline movement chart graphically shows sales managers what has changed in their deals over any time period. Then, with a simple click on a particular category, they get a list of all the deals that make up that change, so they can not only visualize their pipeline, they can drill down to the opportunities that comprise each movement category. The insights into new opportunities, slipped deals, and closed/won and closed/lost deals provide sales managers with the exact information they need to take proactive steps it time to do something about it - before the quarter ends.

Closed-Loop Email Notification

To make sales managers’ lives even easier, Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Enterprise provides them with periodic email updates on “what’s changed” in their pipeline. Sales managers receive an HTML email listing what is changing in their top deals by category (e.g., new, closed/won, deferred, etc.) and direct links to the opportunity list detail in Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Enterprise. So they get the information they need the way they want - anytime, anywhere.

Integration and Scalability

By integrating goals (quotas) and actuals (bookings) with “What’s Changed” in the pipeline, sales managers now have a “one-stop shop” to see how they are progressing against forecast. This dramatically reduces the time sales managers must spend chasing down data from disparate systems – time much better spent with customers or managing their teams.

Integrating Goals and Actuals

Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Enterprise seamlessly imports team and individual goal data from spreadsheets or Incentive Compensation Systems, as well as actuals from your organization’s financial system of record into your Cloud9 data warehouse. This data can then be presented alongside current sales pipeline data for the most accurate and easy-to-use view of pipeline performance possible. No more “stare and compare” between CRM dashboards, spreadsheets, and ERP reports.

Cloud9 Importer

Organizations can use Cloud9 Importer to integrate data from external enterprise systems into their Cloud9 data warehouse. This gives users the same historical reporting capabilities for their imported data as are available for their CRM data. As a result, they can import daily, weekly, or monthly versions of data and view them “As Of” a specific date. *Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Enterprise works with all editions