Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Suite Standard

The Right Fit For Rapid Deployment

Nimble sales organizations need answers to what’s changing in their pipeline – fast. They also don’t have time to build complex reports or wait in line for IT resources. That’s why there’s Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Standard, a pre-packaged implementation of Cloud9’s flagship Pipeline Accelerator solution for organizations with less than 75 seats of CRM.

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Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Standard Benefits

  • Turnkey pipeline management solution for nimble sales teams
  • Helps sales managers visualize pipeline change
  • Email notifications boost adoption

Finally See What’s Changing In Your Pipeline

With Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Standard, sales managers gain complete pipeline visibility, anytime and anywhere - including critical, real-time “what’s changed” information. By employing Cloud9′s patent-pending Change Analytics engine, Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Standard reveals data that simply isn’t viewable in And what you can’t see, you can’t proactively manage.

Drillable Pipeline Movement Chart

Historically, sales managers have been frustrated because CRM systems don’t let them see what’s changed in their deals over time. reports just show a start and an end state but there’s a lot of movement you can’t see if you can’t compare where your pipeline was last week to where it is today.

With Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Standard, however, the drillable pipeline movement chart shows sales managers graphically what has changed in their deals over any time period. Then, with a simple click on a particular category, they get a list of all the deals that make up that change. So they can visualize their pipeline and drill down to the opportunities that comprise each movement category.

The insights into new opportunities, slipped deals, and closed/won and closed/lost deals provide sales leaders with the exact information they need to take proactive steps in time to do something about it - before the quarter ends.

Closed-Loop Email Notification

To make sales managers’ lives even easier, Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Standard provides them with periodic email updates on “what’s changed” in their pipeline. Sales managers receive an HTML email listing what is changing in their top deals by category (e.g., new, closed/won, deferred, etc.) and direct links to the opportunity list detail in Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Standard. So they get the information they need the way they want - anytime, anywhere.

Turn-key Implementation

Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Standard comes specially packaged with 5 seats of Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator, initial configuration, and on-line training. All designed to get you up and running in days, not weeks or months.