Cloud9 Dashboard Administrator

Think, Create, and Collaborate Visually

Most sales leaders like to see their data visually, and what better way to display critical pipeline data than through custom dashboards? Unlike the dashboard capabilities of CRM systems or other real-time reporting tools, Cloud9 Dashboard Administrator enables you to build multi-chart dashboards and securely deploy them over your Cloud9 warehouse data.

View a large screen shot of the Cloud9 Dashboard Administrator

Cloud9 Dashboard Administrator Benefits

  • Helps operations analysts create powerful data visualization
  • Easily mix-and-match chart types
  • Dashboards published as tab in CRM system

Also unlike CRM dashboards, the datasets underlying Cloud9 dashboards are built on historical data, making them powerful analytic tools for the entire sales team. And because you share dashboards by user and/or role, dashboard maintenance is a breeze and Cloud9 dashboards automatically resize as the browser window changes, eliminating manual configuration.

Start by creating a query – or choose from your query library – and create a widget from a wide array of pre-defined widget types, including column, column point, line, pie, grid, and bubble charts. Drag and drop the widgets to create the dashboard and then publish them out to your users, where they appear as a tab within your CRM system.