Cloud9 Report Builder

Unleash Your CRM Data – Quickly, Easily and Securely.

Cloud9 Report Builder – delivered as an Excel add–in —provides you with unrestrained access to Cloud9′s on–demand “data warehouse in the cloud” that stores a complete history of everything that has changed in your CRM system.

View a large screen shot of the Cloud9 Report Builder

Cloud9 Report Builder Benefits

  • Powerful Excel add–in for operations analysts
  • Create reports across any object in your Cloud9 data warehouse
  • Automatically inherits CRM security and administration settings

With its unmatched capabilities, Cloud9 Report Builder lets you build complex data sets just not possible with CRM systems. So you can respond quickly to any ad–hoc reporting request from your sales team. Cloud9 Report Builder’s powerful visual report builder easily enables you to perform complex operations such as full multi–way and outer joins across your historical CRM data – including all custom fields and objects.

Additionally, Cloud9 Report Builder eliminates the need to build and manage a separate security model or maintain a data store outside of your CRM system for compliance purposes. Reports generated by Cloud9 Report Builder automatically inherit the CRM system’s hierarchy, security model, and administrative settings such as currency, fiscal calendars, and more. Plus Cloud9 Report Builder enables you to create one report and publish to multiple users, maintaining the security established within the CRM system and the hierarchy for each user.

Extend the Power of Cloud9

While Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator focuses on the CRM data relating to the sales pipeline, Cloud9 Report Builder lets you perform analyses on all the data in your CRM system, including all custom fields and objects.