Solutions Overview

Can you easily see what's changed in your sales pipeline over the past week?

Do you know which pipeline metrics matter most?

Is lack of collaboration across your sales organization affecting your win rate?

Take immediate action to improve your sales process and drive revenue with Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management solutions. They reduce revenue risk, uncover new opportunities and facilitate collaboration at every level of the sales organization. Available within 24 hours, there's nothing to install or maintain, and no need for special training or IT support.

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Designed for sales teams using, Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management solutions provide the information you need when you need it - all pre-configured to deliver business value in days, not weeks or months. The Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management Suite, Cloud9 Reporting and Dashboard Suite, and the Cloud9 Analyst Suite offer a comprehensive solution for:

  • Sales Executives who want to increase revenue, reduce sales execution risk, and uncover new opportunities
  • Sales Operations professionals who want to reduce time spent managing data and increase their strategic contributions to the sales process.
  • IT professionals who want to provide high-value business solutions with little or no impact to IT resources.