Revenue Performance Management

For years, corporate finance departments have had access to robust revenue performance management applications to help automate corporate planning, budgeting, and consolidation processes. Leveraging data from back-office ERP systems, these CPM solutions provide corporate-wide visibility and cost-containment. Despite the rapid growth of CRM systems, however, there has been no comparable revenue performance management solution to help customer-facing managers in sales, marketing, operations, and customer service and support automate and analyze their management effectiveness to accelerate revenue. Organizations have tried to bridge this gap using Business Intelligence (BI) tools and platforms to leverage their CRM data but become quickly frustrated due to the complexity of these solutions, the high cost, and the lengthy development cycles. Leading organizations have come to realize that BI focuses on managing business processes, but what they really need is a solution that helps them automate and analyze their management processes. Application Roadmap
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Revenue Performance Management Application Characteristics

  • Visibility
  • Performance
  • Goals
  • Planning
  • Projections

Revenue Performance Management Application Benefits

  • Accelerates Revenue
  • Boosts Performance
  • Enhances Collaboration
  • Improves Accountability

The Cloud9 Revenue Performance Management Solution

Cloud9 Analytics Revenue Performance Management Applications were designed to provide front office managers with the unified performance management solution they so desperately need. Cloud9 applications deliver:
  • Complete historical “what’s changed” information on any object in the transactional CRM system so managers can compare changes in their key metrics over any time period to detect outliers and abnormal patterns. Key metrics can include opportunities, forecasts, territory optimization, lead quality, sales and lead velocity, and time–to–resolve for cases. Only by understanding WHAT is changing and HOW these changes are manifested can managers take immediate action on exceptions or re–plan to normalize patterns.
  • Line–of–business relevance and usability. Cloud9 revenue performance management applications are designed to be instantly relevant to the end user. Unlike BI tools or platforms that require specialist resources and lengthy development cycles, they are delivered as complete solutions out–of–the–box that immediately add to team productivity. Cloud9 revenue performance management applications are also tightly integrated with the core CRM system to provide a unified performance management resource.
  • A system of record for team performance collaboration. Also unlike BI tools, platforms, or dashboards, Cloud9 revenue performance management applications enable users to record associated comments and updates, creating a system of record for collaboration and agreed-upon actions. This way, there is no confusion about commitments made between team members.
  • Rapid time to value. Not only are Cloud9 revenue performance management applications delivered as a service over the Internet, line–of–business teams do not need to spend any time on report or dashboard building – providing value in days, instead of weeks or months.

The Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Suite

The Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Suite delivers everything sales leaders need to become “dynamic pipeline management” experts, including applications, report automation, and pipeline management best practices for complete sales pipeline visibility anytime, anywhere - including critical, real-time “what’s changed” information. More than 90 customers today are using Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator to expose highly-relevant pipeline movement information, enabling them to focus on deals at risk and strategic new opportunities, run more effective sales meetings, and improve one-on-one rep coaching. Unlike transactional CRM systems, Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator captures full history on every object in the CRM system every night so that sales managers, sales operations, and sales teams can view pipeline movement for any previous time period, such as what has changed in the pipeline since the beginning of the month. Enhancements to Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator include:
  • A new, easy-to-consume user interface
  • Discussions and notes for collaboration
  • Personalized watch lists with email alerts
  • Integration of goals and projections
  • The ability to self-configure across multiple hierarchies and data to support enterprise matrix management

Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Enhancements

  • Collaboration
  • Personalized watch lists & email alerts
  • Goals and projections integration
  • Intuitive, Easy-to-use interface

Cloud9 Revenue Performance Management Application Roadmap

Cloud9 has developed a customer-driven product roadmap to bring revenue performance management solutions to the front office. Applications on this roadmap include:

Enterprise Sales Forecasting

Cloud9’s Enterprise Sales Forecasting will help companies maximize revenue by aligning forecast stakeholders behind company goals, providing workflow support for managing scenarios and bringing historical patterns to bear in simplified forecast triangulation. This will dramatically reduce the time it takes for sales teams – reps, managers, and executives – to complete accurate forecasts and more importantly with complete change visibility, timely re-forecasts during the quarter as business requirements dictate.

Lead Pipeline Performance Management

Cloud9’s Lead Pipeline Performance Management application will help marketing managers direct multi-channel team activities behind a complete view of the revenue cycle pipeline.  For the first time, marketing management can set targets, monitor execution, handle exceptions, look for success/failure patterns and adjust on the fly – optimizing the marketing team’s activities.

Territory Management and Planning

Cloud9’s Territory Management and Planning application will help business operations leaders optimize the deployment of sales resources and improve sales efforts by analyzing the geography and historical characteristics, mapping that to external market data and projected future performance of sales territories and resource assignment. These capabilities will enable business operations leaders to engage all stakeholders: sales management, executives and finance, to easily make data-driven territory assignment decisions that maximize revenue and team performance.
Cloud9 Analytics is committed to transforming the landscape in revenue performance management, starting with a robust technology platform and architecture, to unique applications that serve the needs of front–office professionals. Our ultimate goal matches that of our customers: optimize performance and accelerate revenue.