Pipeline Management

Proactively Manage the Sales Pipeline

Sales organizations need complete pipeline visibility, anytime and anywhere. After all, what you can’t see, you can’t proactively manage. Although CRM systems can provide reports on current activity and opportunities, they do not provide the critical “what’s changed” information that’s needed to understand where and when to take action to more successfully turn pipelines into revenue.

Cloud9 delivers solutions designed to provide on-demand visibility, analysis, and management of the sales pipeline. The unprecedented insight delivered by Cloud9 solutions for pipeline management helps sales organizations increase win rates, improve forecast accuracy, and accelerate revenue. Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator takes pipeline information from your CRM application and reveals insights that simply aren’t viewable in CRM or business intelligence (BI) systems. Interactive, flexible pipeline charts allow you to see your pipeline in the way that fits your organization and easily drill down to see which opportunities have caused what changes in your pipeline. Configurable updates, reports, and dashboards get sales managers the information they need, anytime and anywhere. Customizable risk analytics help you proactively understand on an ongoing basis which opportunities are most at risk.

With these insights, you can proactively manage your pipeline, aligning resources and focus on the opportunities that need them, at the time when they are needed.

  • Greater visibility into sales pipeline: gain visibility into deal slippage, changes in opportunity status, and quota attainment
  • Unprecedented insight: quickly identify meaningful trends, exceptions, and outliers
  • Increased revenue: use insights into sales pipeline to proactively address risks and new opportunities

Cloud9 is helping us transform to a seamless, automated pipeline management process.
Irene Von Toussaint
Vice President of Operations at CA Technologies
Vice President of Operations at CA Technologies"/>