Sales Leaders

Your challenge as a sales leader is to make sense of the data in CRM systems so you can manage your sales teams better. Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management solutions provide right kind of information at the right level of detail that enables you to make both the art and science of sales work together.

Why "What's Changed" Matters

At the heart of Cloud9s Dynamic Pipeline Management solutions is this concept of "What's Changed. Simply put, you cant know how deals are progressing - or deteriorating - if you can't compare your pipeline now against where it was a week ago. Or yesterday morning. Or last quarter.

Designed for sales teams using, Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management solutions provide the information you need when you need it - all pre-configured to deliver business value in days, not weeks or months.

Cloud9's patent-pending Change Analytics engine doesn't just show you that your number has changed week-to-week - it shows you how it's changed..
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Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management solutions provides everything today's modern sales organization needs to manage their pipeline more effectively, improve win rates, and improve forecast accuracy. Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management solutions comprise:

  • Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator is a self-service application you use to investigate "What's Changed" in your pipeline. Start by comparing your pipeline between where it is now versus a week or a month ago. See what opportunities have changed and why - instantly. Then drill down to specific opportunities for more investigation.
  • Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Reports enable you and your team to automatically distribute "What's Changed" information to your extended team. They receive Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator reports via email as a unified Excel workbook. Weve even created the Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Reports Weekly Sales Meeting Solution Set to get you started.
  • Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Mobile let you stay on top of key opportunities via your mobile device. Simply select the opportunities you want to follow in Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator and a watch list is automatically sent to your mobile device with up-to-date information on how your critical opportunities are changing.

The Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Weekly Sales Meeting Solution Set delivers both summary and detail information for quick decision making.
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No End-of-Quarter Surprises.

With Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management solutions, you'll finally get ahead of your pipeline to deliver more wins and better forecasts. You'll see new opportunities as they enter the pipeline and manage at-risk deals to keep them in the forecast period. And you'll have time to make these course corrections before its too late and another quarter goes by while you wonder what went wrong. Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management solutions also enable you to:

Save Time: Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator offers "detect and correct" pipeline management and shows "what's changed" in the pipeline so you don't have to waste time hunting through opportunity details.

Make better, faster decisions: With "what's changed" details available within a historical context, you can make better decisions faster and save time when preparing for meetings.

Quickly assess team performance: See information on all reps and teams in a single report - multi-page spreadsheets and "stare and compare" pipeline analysis become things of the past.

"Pipeline Accelerator gives me just the right information in just the right format. Cloud9 Analytics had already thought it all through. We didn't need to have a lot of meetings to discuss the information I wanted to get out of Salesforce. They know what people like me want to look at."

Ray Taylor
Senior Vice President of Sales
Signature Worldwide