Sales Performance Optimization

Cloud9’s ability to show us what’s changed in our pipeline effectively bridged the ‘data gap’
to make our
sales managers’ one-on-one sales rep coaching painless and productive.

CRM Project Manager

Focus on What Makes a Difference

Effectively managing sales requires allocating limited resources among the deals in your pipeline, and executing your sales process optimally. Some deals you’ll win using very little effort and some you will lose regardless of how many resources you apply to them. Optimizing sales performance is about the deals that remain – ones that you can win – IF you properly allocate resources and execute the right actions at the right time.

The clearest, simplest evidence of sales optimization is winning more with your existing resources.  To accomplish such efficiency, you must be able to see and understand the issues so you can improve each rep, and each part of your process.

Cloud9 Sales Performance Optimization

Cloud9’s Sales Performance Suite, combined with our best practices, give you the information and insight you need to optimize the efforts of your sales team and the results they achieve. With the Cloud9 solution, you are able to:

  • Focus on the right deals
  • Identify risk in specific deals and your overall pipeline
  • Coach team members more effectively
  • Create accurate forecasts and achieve them

Nearly every deal that falls into the category of ‘You could have won IF...” falls into one of these categories.   IF you would have known that your rep hadn’t followed up with that key executive.   IF you would have assigned that sales engineer to account A instead of account B.  IF you would have made that executive call with customer X instead of customer Y. 

A high percentage of the time, a deal’s lack of progress, missing key activities, some reps chasing ‘B’ deals while other reps lets ‘A’ deals go untouched can all be discovered in time to change the outcome of a deal before it’s too late.  Cloud9’s Sales Performance Optimization solutions give you that insight – the insight that can change the outcome and improve your team’s performance.