We have been utilizing for nine years, which has a lot of great data in it, but Cloud9 gives us more visibility into the pipeline.

Irene Von Toussaint,
Vice President of Operations

CRM Systems Create Spreadsheet Hell

While CRM Systems do a reasonable job gathering customer data, a wide majority of sales organizations cite common shortcomings of their systems, including:

  • The absence of required historical customer data
  • Poor access to CRM data objects in reports
  • The inability to create complex queries and reports
  • Lack of ability to create output in desired formats

The shortcomings in CRM systems cause sales managers and sales ops staff to scramble as they fill in the gaps with spreadsheet after spreadsheet—an ongoing, endless battle of frustrating errors and wasted cycles that limit visibility, cripple productivity and lower sales output dramatically.

Cloud9 Visibility Solutions

Cloud9 improves visibility by capturing a complete history of the activity in your CRM systems, including any custom configurations, fields and tables, PLUS outside data you need such as sales quotas and actuals. And Cloud9 does all this automatically with no IT involvement, building you a sales data warehouse that serves as a basis for reports, analytics and forecasting applications that have a real impact on your top line.

Cloud9 sales reports and dashboards unlock key information you need to improve your team’s performance. Easily create custom reports and dashboards or choose from a full spectrum of pre-designed reports and dashboards in the Cloud9 library. Either way, you’ll gain deep visibility into your current and historical sales efforts, including:

  • Visibility to all objects in your CRM systems, including the ability to mix and join objects in any combination
  • Visibility to history, including pipeline, forecast and deal details as they were at any point in the past
  • Visibility to aggregated and detailed change at any level in your pipeline or in individual deals

Cloud9 delivers information how you want it, on demand or on schedule. You chose the information you want pushed to you via email, plus you can get precisely the data you want in web, PDF and Excel file formats.