Sales Executives

With pipeline management, the devil is in the details. Not enough detail, and sales executives can't get the right understanding about what's going on in their pipeline. Too much detail, and they get lost in the weeds. What sales executives really want to know is which deals in their pipeline they need to pay attention to. They want to know where their risks and opportunities are. And they want that information in just a click or two.

At the heart of Cloud9's Dynamic Pipeline Management solutions is this concept of "What's Changed." Simply put, you can't know how deals are progressing - or deteriorating - if you can't compare your pipeline now against where it was a week ago. Or yesterday morning. Or last quarter.

Designed for sales teams using, Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management solutions provide the information you need when you need it - all pre-configured to deliver business value in days, not weeks or months.

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Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management solutions provides everything today's modern sales organization needs to manage their pipeline more effectively, improve win rates, and improve forecast accuracy. Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management solutions comprise:

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Uncover Risks and Opportunities - Before It's Too Late.

Save Time: Pipeline Accelerator offers "detect and correct" pipeline management and shows "what's changed" in the pipeline so you don't have to waste time hunting through opportunity details.

Make better, faster decisions: With "what's changed" details available within a historical context, you can make better decisions faster and save time when preparing for meetings.

Quickly assess team performance: See information on all reps and teams in a single report - multi-page spreadsheets and "stare and compare" pipeline analysis become things of the past.

"Pipeline Accelerator gives me just the right information in just the right format. Cloud9 Analytics had already thought it all through. We didn't need to have a lot of meetings to discuss the information I wanted to get out of Salesforce. They know what people like me want to look at."

Ray Taylor
Senior Vice President of Sales
Signature Worldwide