Sales Operations

Even with today's modern CRM systems, sales operations professionals have to spend far too much time just trying to uncover what's really going on in their pipeline. Instead, they would rather be proactively addressing new risks and opportunities. They know those deals can make the difference between making their number and missing their target.

Designed for sales teams using, Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management solutions provide the information you need when you need it - all pre-configured to deliver business value in days, not weeks or months.

At the heart of Cloud9's Dynamic Pipeline Management solutions is this concept of "What's Changed." Simply put, you can't know how deals are progressing - or deteriorating - if you can't compare your pipeline now against where it was a week ago. Or yesterday morning. Or last quarter.

Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management solutions are based on patented row-level database technology that creates a data warehouse on the fly and tracks "what's changed" across any and all objects - even custom objects - in Salesforce. It enables you to automatically perform trending, comparisons, and complex table relationships that are either exceedingly difficult to do or simply not possible in Salesforce.

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With traditional CRM and analytics solutions, sales teams can only see the deal status as it is when the reports are run. But they can't easily see if a close date has been pushed out from the previous week. Or if expected revenue on a new deal has dramatically increased. Or if deals in the Western Region are not progressing through sales stages fast enough to meet the forecast. That's the kind of insight sales teams need to manage their pipeline dynamically.

Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management solutions provides everything today's modern sales organization needs to manage their pipeline more effectively, improve win rates, and improve forecast accuracy. Cloud9 solutions comprises:

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Get Your Weekends Back: Cloud9 Dramatically Improves Sales Operations Productivity

For sales operations professionals who want to reduce time spent managing data and take more ownership of CRM deployments, Cloud9 Dynamic Pipeline Management solutions can help:

  • Elevate your strategic value: Demonstrate greater value to the sales team by delivering reports quickly and easily that can't be built in Salesforce - for example, "what's changed" and trend reports, including outer joins and reporting across all custom objects.
  • Save time: Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator reduces the ad hoc reporting requirement by giving management self-serve access to pipeline data. Cloud9 Solution Sets provide bundled, pre-built Excel reports to show changes in pipeline as well as trending analysis and are delivered automatically to all stakeholders via email; the solution sets are bundled to support common time-based sales activities including weekly sales meetings, monthly forecast assessments, and quarterly business reviews.
  • Ensure faster response time: Turn around ad hoc requests from sales management more quickly with Cloud9 Analyst Suite - no need to prepare the data first thanks to Cloud9's data warehouse in the cloud.
  • Streamline report creation: Build reports over any of your Salesforce data with Cloud9 Analyst Suite. Create a single report and publish once to multiple users within Salesforce who see only their data based on the established role hierarchy.
  • Safeguard and preserve control over your data: Cloud9 utilizes the Salesforce security model you've already specified so Cloud9's applications always capture and implement the full role hierarchy, user access control lists and data sharing policies.

"Cloud9 saves us a lot of time and effort. Instead of looking at two reports side by side, I can just run down one column of one report and I know what's changed. Now, if there's a negative change, we know it, and we can ping the rep or the regional VP and start developing a strategy to address the issue. Pipeline Accelerator lays the answers right out there for you -- what's changed, and when, where, why and by whom."

Richard Guest
VP, Sales Operations