Cloud9 Technology Overview

A Revenue Performance Management Application Platform

From day one, Cloud9 Analytics has pursued its vision of delivering powerful, easy-to-use revenue performance management applications to line-of-business managers as services over the Internet. To achieve this, Cloud9 has developed a set of innovative, patent-pending technologies and techniques that deliver the scale, economics and security required. This unprecedented combination of capabilities has established Cloud9 as a trailblazer and leader in the on-demand revenue performance management market.

First generation offerings of the Internet Bubble era did little more than enable businesses to migrate traditional business intelligence tools to dedicated servers in a hosting service’s data center, allowing the physical maintenance of their business intelligence infrastructure to be outsourced, but doing nothing to improve on the costs, implementation cycles or complex end user tools.

More recent second generation offerings have enabled multiple businesses to share the resources and costs of the server hardware, providing more competitive pricing options, but still relying on legacy technologies with the same long implementation cycles and complex end user tools.

Cloud9′s third-generation Change Analytics platform is the first to be written from the ground up to support a true SaaS (software as a service) model. Cloud9 customers can be up and running within a day of sign up, enjoying all the benefits of a self-healing, zero maintenance infrastructure and the power of rich business intelligence applications with zero time to value.