Cloud9 Security

Security is a key concern for all businesses, and Cloud9 has earned the trust of some of the world’s most demanding ones. Cloud9′s “shared nothing” infrastructure goes beyond the protection offered by typical on-demand security architectures by providing each customer with a dedicated partition consisting of a metadata catalog and set of data schemas. Cloud9 never co-mingles data or metadata between customers.

As a close partner of CRM application vendors like, Cloud9′s applications always capture and implement the full role hierarchy, user access control lists and data sharing policies established in the operational application. Cloud9 never bypasses these security policies through a “back door” to data, and no additional administrative set up or maintenance is required to deploy Cloud9 applications.

SAS 70 Type 2

Cloud9 solutions have received SAS 70 Type 1 certification and the company is currently undergoing its SAS 70 Type 2 audit. The company’s goal is to ensure that its infrastructure and security policies have undergone the most rigorous testing and certification possible, as well as testing and certification by Symantec, FusionStorm and for AppExchange partners. Cloud9 also employs secure data centers with robust physical access controls and 24×7 intrusion detection and monitoring systems, as well as dedicated response teams.