Cloud9’s ability to show us what’s changed in our pipeline effectively bridged the ‘data gap’
to make our
sales managers’ one-on-one sales rep coaching painless and productive.

CRM Project Manager,
ThermoFisher Scientific

Cloud9 Technology

Our Technology

Cloud9 applications are powered by a set of innovative, patent-pending technologies not available in other sales management software. Together these technologies make it uniquely possible for Cloud9 to deliver the scale, economics, flexibility, and security required for line-of-business applications.

The Cloud9 technology platform brings together a unique set of technologies for storing and analyzing data. Applied to forecasting and pipeline management, these technologies make it possible for Cloud9 to find information in data in ways that are impossible or impractical with CRM systems or even spreadsheets.


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Smart Data Repository

Effective forecasting and pipeline management require not only knowing the current state of opportunities and accounts, but also require understanding of how that data is changing and what patterns or trends can be found in it. Cloud9’s smart data repository efficiently tracks and analyzes the full history of data to make it possible to look at data in ways that CRM systems and spreadsheets cannot.

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Cloud by Design

Cloud9 solutions were designed from the start for deployment in the cloud. Rather than simply replicate the limitations of traditional solutions into a cloud environment, Cloud9 technology has been uniquely designed to take full advantage of the cost and flexibility benefits of software-as-a-service in the cloud.

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Data Integration

Gaining deep insight into the sales forecast and pipeline requires looking at your CRM data together with data in other systems such as bookings, quota, compensation, and forecast data. Cloud9 makes it easy to bring together and analyze data from diverse sources with its innovative versioned-replication technology and its powerful change analytics capabilities.

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Security is a critical requirement for any software offering and especially for software-as-a-service offerings. Cloud9 has designed for security, delivering the capabilities of the best established CRM systems so that you can rest assured that your valuable data is protected.

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