We deployed Cloud9 to our sales organization to get actionable visibility into our sales pipeline. That visibility has already improved accountability, leading to more wins. Rolling out Cloud9’s new forecasting capabilities to our sales managers will help us efficiently manage risk.

Sales Operations Manager

Cloud by Design

Featured Content What does it take to deliver intelligent forecasting and pipeline management solutions? Read more about the innovative technology powering the Cloud9 platform in this technology brief

Sales organizations have historically lacked the sophisticated systems and infrastructure available to other parts of the organization. However, sales organizations now have access to significant amounts of data and have their own need to process and analyze that data to support and optimize their forecasting and pipeline management. However, typical data warehousing and business intelligence implementations are so expensive, complex, and resource-intensive that they are beyond reach for most sales organizations. Simply replicating traditional solutions to a “cloud” by making them available over the Internet does nothing to address the complexity and manageability challenges of such systems. A new generation of cloud applications such as those from salesforce.com has established that to truly provide the cost and flexibility benefits of cloud computing, solutions need to be designed from conception to be easy to deploy, require minimal effort to maintain, and fit the specific data and needs of each organization.

Cloud9 is the first vendor to deliver solutions for forecasting and pipeline management that were designed for the cloud. The Cloud9 technology platform architecture was designed from the start for fully automated deployment, pooled infrastructure, and zero maintenance. Key capabilities of the Cloud9 technology platform that make this possible include:

  • Direct integration with Salesforce as an AppExchange application
  • A versioned replication service that efficiently integrates data from Salesforce and other sources
  • Domain and role awareness inherited directly from your Salesforce implementation
  • Robust security and encryption
  • Packaged applications designed for sales users