Change Analytics: The Key to Proactive Pipeline Management

Excerpt: While many companies continue to invest heavily in CRM, most don’t maximize the return on those investments. Sales pipeline management is one area where, with the proper approach, companies can drive incremental sales and margin growth. A recently conducted McKinsey survey of B2B sales executives indicated a potential for a revenue increase of between 2 percent and 10 percent through improved sales pipeline/funnel management.

There are two keys to achieving this growth. The first deals with developing an accurate sales forecast, based on actual opportunities in the pipeline, to identify any potential shortfall. The nature of that gap will help shape the required demand generation initiatives. Data captured in a systematic way can play an important role in ensuring that forecasts are accurate and that sales and marketing resources are deployed toward the right demand generation initiatives.

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Irene Von Toussaint
Vice President of Operations at CA Technologies
Vice President of Operations at CA Technologies"/>